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The Injury Statistics Portal, developed by CE.RE.PR.I. in the context of the Secretariat of the European Working Party on Accidents and Injuries (WP-AI). This site will feature Injury Mortality and Morbidity Data from various data sources, statistically processed by CEREPRI in order to produce meaningful and comparable data through a user-friendly interface.

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The Web Site of the Centrer for Research and Prevention of Injuries (CEREPRI)

The Web-board of the Working Party on Accidents and Injuries hosts a collection of discussion forums and was developed as a means of communication and discussion among the members of the Working Party.

Access is restricted to WP-AI members only.

For issues related to the Web-Board please contact the Administrator

Injury Prevention Network Injury Prevention Network - EUROIPN: Supported by DG SANCO, this Web-Site provides a searchable database of all the Injury Prevention European Programs. The information provided for each program includes:
  • Title
  • Partners
  • Starting Date
  • Planned duration
  • State of the Project
  • Total Cost and EU grant
  • Objectives , and
  • Downloadable relative documents
DG Sanco - Public Health: The official web site of the Public Health Unit of DG Sanco
World Health Organisation: The official web site of the World Health Organisation
Κάρτα Υγείας Φοιτητών
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